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Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc.

Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. 

Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. is a local environmental company in Bethel Connecticut area that has been servicing the region for over 2 decades.

We are the experts at underground tank removal in Connecticut as well as parts of New York and New Jersey. We are licensed and have all of the equipment for finding your tank, testing the soil and doing remediation should you need it. It is advisable to have your tanks checked as if they are leaking, they cost you a great deal in the price of lost oil. Not only will this cost you more in your heating bills, but the environmental damage that the leaking oil into the soil surrounding the tank will cost to have it removed.

Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. will not only remove your tank should it need to be, but we can remediate the area to look as nothing had ever taken place. We have trucks and we will haul in fill and top soil to replace the area of the removed tank.

Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc.








Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc.

If you are in need of Lead Paint Testing, Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. has testing equipment to perform a check of your home or business. It is so important that if you have children and you suspect that you might have lead paint, that you have a test run. Lead paint has been none to cause serious health issues when ingested. Children often will pick at paint chips and place them in their mouth. Take the steps to check if you have any question at all. For more information click on this link: Lead Paint Testing CT

Mold testing is another service that Envirotech offers. We not only test, but we do the remediation. Mold is another serious health issue. There are some molds that aren’t so bad for your health, but others are very damaging. Always find out by having tests done if you are experiencing mold in your home or location where you spend time. Check out this link about MoldMold Testing CT


Lead Paint Screening News

Welcome to Lead Paint Screenings website. Please watch our video “Information on Lead Paint and Your Home” We are proud to make suggestions to save you money when checking your home for lead paint.

We will be posting helpful hints on this page in the future, so stay tuned.

If you have any questions regarding lead paint and your home, please give us a call. You can reach us at:

Telephone: Statewide (800) 805-0080
Bethel (203) 748-3111
Fax: (203) 744-TANK (8265)

eMail: EnviroTech Of Fairfield County Inc.

Below we are listing our licenses for your inspection.

Envirotech Of Fairfield County Inc.

State of Connecticut
Department of Public Health
Lead Consultant Contractor
License # 001019

State Of Connecticut
Department of Consumer Protection is certified by the Department of Consumer Protection as a registered:
Home Improvement Contractor
License/Registration # HIC.0630263

OSHA Confined Space Entry Training
Certificate of Achievement
Environmental Training and Assessment
Certificate # HS-01243

Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection
Radioactive Material and industrial X-Ray Device Registration
Application #: 201207490
Putnam County, State of New York

Home Improvement Contractor
Environmental Reclamation
Contractor # PC3355

Registered in the State of Connecticut
as a Home Improvement Contractor
License #574642

Indoor Air Quality Association Certification #CMR01235

State of Connecticut Department of Health Lead Inspector Risk Assessor
License # 001019

State of Connecticut Hazardous Waste #779

US Department of Transportation # 1031784

US Environmental Protection Agency # CTR 000505651

Over weight permits for Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York

Here are our other services that we provide: 
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Envirotech Of Fairfield County Inc. Services